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Since 1987, the artists at Zealandia Designs have gone to the ends of the earth to create unique carved ivory jewelry that is recognized throughout the world for its creative use of fossilized walrus ivory and ancient fossilized mammoth ivory. They exclusively use ancient fossilized ivories that are hundreds to thousands of years old in their designs, and are passionately opposed to the destruction of life resulting from the elephant and new ivory trade.

These designs also feature a vibrant variety of the earth's finest natural materials such as New Zealand paua shell, semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, jaspers, ammonites, black mussel, and rich metals. The fossilized ivory, shells, and fossils used are like human fingerprints in that no two pieces are the same, guaranteeing each of our customers a one-of-a-kind look.

Zealandia jewelry is made by hand in a sculptural process that evokes story, scene, and our deep love of the natural world. Each piece is hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia, and is truly a piece of wearable art.

Zealandia Design's creator and lead designer, is inspired by nature, spiritual and mythological art, and history, creating statement jewelry that honors our earth and her wondrous natural materials. Due to variations in both the fossil colors and the carver’s style, every piece of hand carved ivory jewelry is unique.

Zealandia Designs
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