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Natural grass beads dyed rich hues are combined with sparkling hand blown Czech glass beads to create over 200 color combinations of luminous Zulugrass jewelry. This lovely, unique jewelry can be worn in single or multiple strands as a necklace, a choker, a hair tie, or as an anklet and much more. Sophisticated yet fun Zulugrass offers versatility to all ages, for all occasions and also makes the perfect gift.

Zulugrass was born out of a need: by the end of the devastating drought in Kenya around 2001 the Leakey's were supporting as many as 100 Maasai families by giving them money for food, school fees, medical expenses and housing. This was not sustainable for either party. The men had left the women and children behind as they had to take the surviving cattle far up country in search of grazing land. The men had been away for as long as two years. Philip Leakey came up with the idea to create jewelry made from grass. At first the designs were rather traditional and the Leakey's found too small a market to do much good for the Maasai as the line was considered too "ethnic" by the western market. It was then that Katy Leakey came up with the modification of the single strand on elastic as a design your own jewelry system and the contemporary and global Zulugrass Jewelry with the Zulugirl logo was born.


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