Sterling Silver and Ivory Baby Turtle Pendant

Zealandia Designs
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Rejoice over new life and vitality with this sterling silver and ivory baby turtle pendant/necklace!

Embrace new beginnings and strength with this precious pendant. Shaped out of sterling silver with a finely carved ivory "shell" this pendant will be a lovely reminder of newly begun life and the wondrous road ahead.


The fossilized walrus tusk used in this ivory jewelry spans the neutral tones from creamy white to honey, reddish brown to black, depending on the minerals the walrus tusk was in contact with and the length of time it was in the ground. The browns and oranges are formed by iron and manganese, greens and blues by copper and the rare reds by gold.This ancient fossilized ivory is anywhere from 500 to 3,000 years old and is legally obtained from native owned land, having been excavated by Eskimo families from old village sites on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.


Each piece from this collection is individually hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia. The craftsmen who carve both the mammoth ivory and the walrus ivory, and the smiths who make the silver jewelry do their best to reproduce the image you see, however, because of the variations in the color and carving techniques, the pieces you receive will differ from the ones illustrated, each piece is remarkably distinct. Your fossilized ivory jewelry will be as unique as human fingerprints, in that no two pieces are the same. This is your very own piece of history!